Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

We make our employees happy

Our objective ? Trying to do our outmost to make our employees happy and passionate about their jobs. Thanks to a pleasant working environment and an excellent work climate, our staff is strongly motivated and dedicated to satisfying you.


We are working, every day, for the preservation of the environment by implementing concrete and measurable actions. In practical terms, since 2013, our projects and efforts generated …

  • reduction of 15 tons of waste, more than 56% reduction!
  • reduction of more than 200’000 liters on water consumption
  • more than 33% reduction in electricity consumption.


Our little green efforts

  • Employee awareness concerning eco-friendly gestures (reduction of water & energy consumption, responsible use of cleaning products… )
  • Installation of a wash tunnel to optimize the washing-up
  • Installation of LED lamps and presence sensors
  • Setting-up of Green Directories in rooms
  • Presence of bio cosmetics products in rooms
  • Waste recycling
  • Removal of water bottles to promote the water from the Geneva lake
  • Supply of textiles and clean-up of laundry outsourced by a society ISO 140001 certified aiming at saving water and using less laundry products

Our client, Our Boss

Our client is our top priority and their words and reviews are essential to us and make us progress!

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